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District Officers

District Commander

Pete Hersom

District Senior Vice Commander

Don Graber

District Junior Vice Commander

Ray Richardson

District Quartermaster

Lavern Terbl

District Adjutant

Richard Niedenfuehr

Judge Advocate
Joe Hayes

District Chaplain
Ron Brown

District Surgeon
Marty Nell

District 3 Year Trustee
Guy Northrup

District 2 Year Trustee
Fred Wells

District 1 Year Trustee
Stan Light

District Service Officer
Cindy Unerfusser

District Chief of Staff
Fred Wells

District Deputy Chief of Staff
Jimmy Coker

District Officer of the Day
Doug Oakes


District Inspector
Pete Hersom

District Committee Chairmen

Community Action $ Citizenship Ed
Jimmy Coker

Buddy Poppy
Bill Phillips

MAP/Homeless Vets/POWMIA
Juanita Posey

MAP/Safety Recognition/Teacher of the Year
Melanie Kretzschmar

VOD/Patriots Pen
Jim Benotti

Hospital/National Home
Dom Domingos

Lavern Terbl

Don Graber

Mens Auxiliary Coordinator
Fred Wells

VFW Youth Activities
Curtis Mitchell

Student Veterans Assoc.
Dennis Kretzschmar

Womens Veterans
Katie Baillio

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